Black run
wild mussels ahead

13+ miles

1525 Ft of elevation gain

Double and Single track

Extremely steep hills

Steep descends

Extremely technical sections

Expert route

Start  Coupeville High School Gym

WestTerry RD

RGravel trail

L         Kettles

Card Station

R        Whipper Snapper

R        Humpty Dump

L        HOT Trail

L        Roundabout

L        H.O.T. Trail

R        Humpty Dump

R        Alder Grove

L        Hideaway

R        Flat back

R        Moss Hill

L        Rusty Well

L        Boarderline

R        Kettle Cleaner

R        Baker View

R        Ant Hill

Card Station

L        Main Line

L        Ladders

R        Hook

L        Mussels

L        Boundary

L2 Something



R        Kettles

L        Cedar Hollow

L        Cedar Grove

LCedar Hollow

Card Station

L        Road leaving group camp

L        Water Line

L        Camp Ground

L        Hootin’

R        Wood Pecker Haven

L        Camp Ground

R        Raiders Creek

R        Park Road

L        Grancy’s Run


Card Station

L        Roy Evens

L        Confusion

J         Roy Evens

R       Roy Evens cut off

L        Kettles

Follow signs to last card station or R on trail just past Engle Rd back to your vehicle.

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