A cat lost in your home: what to do?

On your way back from some shopping, you see a wanted poster for a lost cat. When you get home, you are surprised. Here is the cat that was lost on the poster and is now in your dealership. What should you do in this case? Do you alert the authorities or the cat's owner? Find out the basics in this guide.

Calling a competent authority

You come home and it's someone else's cat that welcomes you. This is not the time to indulge in panic. There are standard solutions for dealing with this kind of situation. For more information that can help you with this, you might want to go over at this website. If this is your first experience, it is best to go to a competent authority. You can go to the police station nearest you. A police officer will come with you to make the report. But at the police station you should avoid making statements without proof. This will simply mean that you should lock up the cat before you go to the police station. To this end, as soon as you come home and see the cat, get close to it. Create a family atmosphere between you and the cat. If the cat re-offends, offer it food. Preferably fish. Attracted by the fish, the cat will obviously come to you. Take the opportunity to catch it. If you do not want to take it with you to the police station, lock it in one of the rooms outside. Now go to the police station and ask the police officer to come and make a report. After the report, the police officer will take the cat with him. It will be up to him to do everything possible to find the owner of the cat.

Contact the telephone number on the poster

The lost cat may be the one on one of the posters you would have come across near your home. At this point, instead of calling a competent authority, you can turn to the poster. Take the number on the poster and call. Once on the line, ask for more details about the lost cat. If the information given by the person on the other end of the line is correct, tell them where you live. As soon as they come to your house, before showing them the cat, ask them for a recent photo of their lost cat. All this information helps to avoid scams as much as possible. If the photo matches the cat you have, release it to its owner.