A stand for a purpose: what type of stand to choose?

Are you looking for a stand that suits your taste to participate in a fair or an exhibition? Not only do you want to promote your products or services, but you also want to feel in an adequate and attractive setting? So to attract more customers to your account, the best choice of a stand is necessary and must be selected with passion.

The portable stand

This stand is very economical from all other stands. Homogeneous and malleable, the portable stand is composed of a table made at your request and a personalized canvas. It is most often made of aluminum, PVC or textile. This type of stand is soft and easy to dismantle. The stand can be transported anywhere and is very handy due to its fragility. Here is
The portable stand: https://europexpo.com

For those who don't have a big budget, this is a better option. Also, it is the right choice for those who participate in several exhibitions and for those who want to reuse the same stand.

The modular booth

The modular exhibition stand is very much preferred by many people because of its diversification. You have the possibility to make whatever you want just with its materials. Thus, you can invent different shapes of stands according to your taste and the event. Since it is customizable, the modular stand can be reused on many occasions.

Of course, this stand is more expensive, but it offers you more possibilities. If you are a business with large financial capacity, it is better to use it for your tours. It is a big investment, but it will pay off. To set up, build or realize a stand, it is a good idea to ask for the service of an expert in the setting up of a stand, such as EUROPEXPO