An overview of the Walmart group

For several years, Walmart has experienced a boom in the business market. And this is possible, thanks to the early use of new technologies. Both the largest distributor in the United States and the largest company in the world, it is present in almost every continent. The content of this article tells you in general about the Walmart Group.

What is Walmart ?

Walmart is a company that meets the characteristics of a multinational, and it originates from the United States, under the creative seal of Sam Walton. By visiting the site, you will find out a lot more about walmart stock. This company is unique in that it operates with large discount stores, where grocery shopping stands out, so much so that it is considered the largest grocery retailer in the United States. 

This is not an isolated event, as Walmart is characterized by being the largest source of private employment in the world, with an average of 2 million employees across all of its locations. It was also the largest public company in the world, as the Fortune Global 500 list indicated last year, in addition to being one of the most valuable companies in the world today.

The core business of Walmart

As you can see, Walmart is mainly engaged in the sale of groceries, household supplements and the like, but beyond that, Walmart is dedicated to providing services to its customers related to providing services as that self-service, high-volume store, of course, keep prices low. Likewise, Walmart can be thought of as a chain of low-cost hypermarkets, grocery stores and department stores selling at retail. Finally, with shareholders, they intend to generate short, medium and long term value through efficient management of resources, establish good corporate governance and make information management at Walmart transparent.

Factors that influence Walmart’s actions

This is to show the main advantages and weaknesses with the strengths of the Walmart business. First of all, it should be remembered that Walmart is currently the leader in mass distribution in the world with more than 20% of the market share and a turnover of more than 40 billion dollars per year. He succeeded in putting in place a well thought out competitive pricing strategy. 

In addition, for several years the group has recorded interesting growth in its results in emerging countries, particularly in Brazil and South Africa. Walmart is also managing to improve its results in the online sales segment. Regarding the weaknesses of this company, we will only retain one point : the Walmart group in fact regularly suffers attacks on labor legislation that tarnish its brand image.