How to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads?

Facebook is the most used social network in the world with almost 3 billion users. Whatever your niche, it is a great opportunity to develop your business and make sales. And it's all free. However, there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to achieve real results. The following article will tell you everything, so read it carefully.

Take care of your positioning

First of all, you should clearly define on your personal profile the niche to which you belong. This will allow you to have a much higher visibility on your sites. Facebook has restricted the visibility of business pages. The aim is to encourage businesses to invest in paid advertising to make their offers visible. So create two accounts with a personal and a business profile. This way, you will have more people, so that your subscribers can understand your offers in two seconds. Your business account should have a cover photo and a coherent and attractive profile photo with a well-described biography. Include your location with a link to attract visitors to your email capture system.

Make consistent posts

Publications must be able to gain subscribers and therefore customers. Therefore, set up a real editorial line. Facebook affiliation requires the implementation of a marketing system that allows you to collect emails in order to start communicating regularly. Thus, you need to set up a system for capturing and selling through email marketing. The implementation of this system involves the software which brings together all the necessary features. So, get to know your niche, your target and propose a coherent and attractive gift so that Systè can automate the whole thing. 

Moreover, you need to interact in several Facebook groups if you want to find your target audience and communicate. Don't forget to communicate with sensitivity, forgetting aggressive techniques. Make it a habit to post with at least one supporting image in the middle of the night and at the end of the day. Keep in mind that the more consistently and intelligently you are visible, the more friend requests you will get. Finally, through affiliation you will make yourself visible with an audience ready to follow you.