Pass your job interview

You are looking for the job of your dreams and you have landed a job interview. Congratulation ! You will now have to convince the recruiter that you are THE right person and that you are made for this position. A job interview is getting ready ... yes, but how?

Prepare for your interview

You do not arrive with your hands in your pockets at a job interview, whether it's the HR interview or in front of the operations. To prove your motivation and desire to get a job, working seriously on your meeting with the recruiter is essential. How? 'Or' What ? By listing a list of questions to prepare for the job interview, such as what do you know about our company, or by repeating the answers to the trick questions most asked by recruiters. To give yourself the best possible chance to convince your interlocutor, it is also important to wear appropriate attire for a job interview. For more information, investigate this site .

Successfully complete all stages of the job interview

In 9 0% of cases, the job interview begins with "Tell me about yourself", continues with your strengths and weaknesses, and ends with the traditional "Do you have any questions" request. In order to avoid blurring your answers, it is essential to think about them beforehand. To successfully pass all these stages and land the job of your dreams, our advice will give you their best secrets.

And after the interview?

The big oral is over, you are in a hurry to finish it and get home. Be careful not to scuttle your work by rushing through the last few minutes, they are just as important as the first. Quickly remember the good memories of your interlocutor and send them a thank you email after the interview. Without a response from him, do not hesitate to send him a follow-up by email after an interview.