Some of the best plugins to install a chatbot on wordpress

Today, there are several plugins to install on a WordPress chatbot site. The choice is sometimes difficult since this tool comes in different powerful versions. It allows you to analyse and improve the customer's journey on your website and to improve customer relations. Among the different ranges of solutions available, here are the best ones you can install on your WordPress chatbot.

Chatbot WordPress: The best free plugins to install

On the Internet, it is possible to find many free tools to install on your WordPress chatbot. These plugins make it easy to support multiple users simultaneously. This reduces the cost of investing in online agents. In addition, they make the chatbot accessible at all times for automated support. You can check this reference for more interesting information. There are several free chatbot plugins, each with its own particularity. Among the best plugins, we have : - Botsifier Botsifier is the most used on WordPress. It is easy to use and allows the integration of files, whether images or videos. It requires no special skills to integrate, and supports up to 100 users simultaneously. - GoBot This plugin is a solution that has quite comprehensive features. It comes with the auto-responder feature with the creation of a knowledge base. You can conduct polls or surveys with this plugin. Data management via forms is available with the possibility to extract them into the Excel solution.

Chatbot WordPress: The best paid plugins to install

The best paid plugins for Chatbot WordPress differ from free plugins in several aspects. In the list of the best WordPress chatbot plugins, some are used more frequently than others. - Virtual Spirits This paid plugin is reserved for demanding customers. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of its many features for a budget between $9 and $239. It facilitates customer relationship management as well as customised use of its many features. - Chatbot with IBM Watson This tool requires the creation of an IBM account. Chatbot with IBM Watson is a plugin that makes responses to users more intelligent and automated. The artificial intelligence technology it is equipped with makes it very useful for large companies. It costs $120 per month for the premium option.