The love of God according to the Qur'an

In the Qur'an, God's charity is often referred to by the verb "ahaba" and the noun "hub". This book speaks of a merciful and loving God. When the Prophet Muhammad called his people to repent, he told them, "Ask forgiveness from your Lord and repent of Him. "My Lord is indeed merciful and full of love" (Surah 11:90). How does this love manifest itself? That is the subject of this article.

Love of God

In the Quran, Allah states that he is Al Waddudo and translates to "full of love" in French. This is the main characteristic that scholars use to explain these terms. Unlike human love, which is full of expectations, Allah does not expect anything from anyone. He is the one who needs nothing, and all living beings expect everything. The bundle of love of the Lord is sometimes dedicated to the servants of the Lord, without doing anything worthy of it. Look through check out here to know more. Allah states that He will give His love to those who believe and do good deeds.S.19 v.96

The love of the believers

The charity of the believers for Allah is the ardent love to which Allah refers, as opposed to those who offer Him companionship, equality and purity. S. 2v. 165

The natural love of humans

Allah urges you to draw near to Him and trust Him with righteousness, kindness, justice and patience in His way. So many opportunities to worship him exclusively, away from anything that may take you away from his love. Yet, he knows you since he created you and knows what he has put in you as love for existence and the goods of this world. 

He also urges you that this love for the good should not exceed your love for him and his recommendations.S.2 V.177 Every day is a grace for you to come closer to meeting Him. You can achieve this noble goal by following his sacred rituals and not focusing too much on the beauty of this world. S.3 v.33