The PLF: mandatory form for all travelers to Italy, Malta and Slovenia

To enter a foreign country, there is bound to be some administrative paperwork to fill out. Right now, there is the mandatory form to fill out before entering the territories of Italy, Slovenia and Malta. What form is this?

The PLF: what does it consist of?

The form is one more precaution to the ever-increasing COVID-19 pandemic. It is actually the PLF, the "passenger location form". The questionnaire provides information on the travel movements of the person concerned and on his/her health. The health declaration card must be added to the questionnaire. The information collected will help to trace the individual's journey. Thus, the competent authorities will be able to take adequate measures in case of possible contagions. Whether traveling by air or sea, each traveler must carry the form and his health card. This document is rigorously checked upon embarkation or disembarkation. Obtaining the document is not difficult. In the following section, are detailed the different steps to have the form.

How to get the PLF

In general, obtaining the form is obtained online. The first step is to make the request online by filling in the requested fields. Without forgetting his email address in order to receive the survey. The second step is to print the QR code in PDF of the questionnaire confirmation. It remains for the traveler to have it on him and in electronic version. In Italy, for example, the traveler is required to make the request 14 days before arrival in the country. In addition to the form, there are some requirements such as the molecular test to be done 72 hours before entering Italy. In addition, a green certificate from the COVID is required. The same applies to other countries. However, depending on the level of infection, each country requires proof and subjects travelers to testing and health provisions in case of infection.