What types of aquariums are there?

From natural to artificial reproduction, there is an interconnection between reproductions. However, some people are unaware of the multitude of aquariums that can be encountered. In this article, you will discover the different types of aquariums that exist.

The community aquarium

As the name suggests, the community aquarium is an aquarium that houses people from all over the world. You can see a review of Shark Reef Aquarium. This is the type of aquarium that beginners choose, since it does not present enough learning constraints. To populate an aquarium, you need to ensure the compatibility of the fish to be put in it. To do this, make sure that: 
The quality of water you have will be suitable for the fish; 
The temperature that each fish in the aquarium can withstand;

The quantity of fish to be put in the aquarium is appropriate for the volume of the aquarium;

In addition, it should be noted that the above mentioned rules remain valid for all other types of aquariums.

The biotope aquarium

This type of aquarium is an aquarium that tries to recreate a particular biotope. All the fish in this aquarium will be adapted to the biotope that reigns in this environment. This type of aquarium requires a good level of knowledge before it can be used. Therefore, it is reserved for aquarists who have already been successful in aquaristics. 
Among others, we can mention some types of biotopes such as streams, rivers, reed beds, paludarium and rocky areas. In this wake, there is another type of rocky biotope, with little exceptional character. It is the biotope of the rivers of South America. 
These rivers are decorated with rocks mainly based on slate and basalt plates almost vertical. Should we add that these rivers that there are caches and algae that cover the rocks.

In conclusion, we must remember that aquariums are less complex than we think. You just need to have the right notions.