What you need to know to request medical repatriation in France

While traveling abroad, you may have a health problem. For quality care, it may be necessary for you to seek medical repatriation to France. What do you need to know for a better care? We suggest you read this article to learn more.

Medical repatriation: what is it?

There are several reasons why you may need to go abroad. It can be a business trip, a tourist trip. However, having a health problem is never expected in a trip, but it can happen at any time during your stay. When it is a serious health problem, a medical repatriation to France could be necessary. You can continue reading on this site. This is actually a flight chartered by an agency to guarantee an early return to France.
Medical evacuation is not always necessary. It is necessary in cases where it is not possible to take care of the patient on the ground. A medical flight can be used for various reasons, notably in case of illness, accident, or to repatriate a body. It can be done under the assistance of a nurse, or through a scheduled flight.

What you need to know about resorting to medical repatriation

Medical repatriation may be the best solution to regain normal health. However, there are significant costs involved. The cost will depend on the country where the sick person is staying, whether the sick person is assisted by a medical team, and the means of transportation used.
A not medical repatriation costs hundreds of euros, while a medically assisted repatriation can cost thousands of euros. To reduce the costs of the trip, it would be advisable to take out insurance or a repatriation guarantee. In case the traveler is not covered by an insurance or a guarantee, he will have to finance his trip himself. Nevertheless, it is always possible to request partial coverage from the French Health Insurance, upon your return to France.