Which cameras can capture the best moments of an event?

To keep a quality souvenir of your nature outing or an evening with friends, turn to the right cameras. To this end, we have selected two types of cameras that will meet your expectations. Thus, we present you :

The specialized timelapse camera

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the timelapse camera ensures an immersive experience to share with family and friends. This camera, presented on this web site, finds a good balance between performance and telephoto lens. To do this, it is easy to use and produces the best quality images and videos. Remember that timelapse is a photo technique that allows you to record sequences of images at regular intervals. Once captured, these photos are assembled to form a video with accelerated rendering. Unlike traditional cameras, the timelapse camera is then the solution capable of capturing better scenes for several hours.

The PowerShot PX smart camera

This camera allows you to follow the action, take photos and film in Full HD. It takes the form of a standalone and portable camera. Indeed, the PowerShot PX camera has a 340° panoramic base that allows it to rotate on itself, accompanied by a tilt axis that allows it to be oriented up or down on 110°. To do this, it will be able to be placed anywhere thanks to its integrated battery whose maximum autonomy is approximately 5 hours (depending on the frequency of image capture). However, this type of product has a USB-C port that allows it to be recharged as well as powered permanently by the mains. It is also important to know that the device is able to detect a subject automatically and keep it in its frame. Not to mention that it is also possible to control it by voice through a microphone.

Unfortunately, these two types of cameras do not have optical stabilization, since they are designed to be placed and not to be used freehand.